Our comprehensive holistic Re- Entry Program consists of the
following components:

Pen Pal- Individuals are trained to correspond with our returning
citizens prior to release to let them know that they have not been

Pre Release- Were there to greet you and assist you in the transition
with preparation for release such as contacting necessary agencies,
family members, procurement of clothing, assistance with transportation
arrangements, coordination of necessary  appointments upon release
and or needed documentation.

Post Release- Extensive Case navigation which includes referrals and
assistance with housing, transportation, mental health services
evaluation and continued care, clothing assistance, job readiness and
job referrals.

Job Readiness- We offer eligible clients job readiness services
including master application, resume building and preparation,
interviewing skills, anger management, workplace etiquette, assistance
with appropriate interview clothing, correct posturing, public speaking
and appropriatte/aceptable vernacular.

Follow Up & After Care Services: 7 Day,15 Day, 30 Day, 60 Day
and 90 Day follow up calls and services.

*6 Month Check Call and One Year Exit Evaluation-
This is under ideal conditions may or may not be achieved due to
various unforeseen circumstances on the clients behalf.