November 11, 2017

Family Empowerment

Project Caring provides family empowerment

Our Family Empowerment Programs:

  • Back-to-School Giveaway Program:
    • Children are provided with back-to-school supplies for the upcoming school year.
  • Community Health & Resource Fair:
    • Free annual health fairs are offered each year to low-income and needy families and individuals.
    • Community organizations & agencies are highlighted.
  • Food & Clothing Distribution Program:
    • Our Food & Clothing Distribution Program provides overflowing emergency food boxes which are distributed to low-income and single heads of household families, senior citizens, and needy individuals as needed.
  • Family Support Classes:
    • A series of ongoing family support classes, including parenting, anger management, domestic violence, budgeting, tenant rights and responsibilities classes and life skills management training are offered by a variety of community organizations and advocates.
  • Holiday Giveaway Programs:
    • Our Annual Holiday (Thanksgiving) Food Giveaway
    • Our Annual Toys (Christmas) Giveaway

Family Support Classes:

  • Anger Management: A 26 to 52 week class, depending upon the needs of the individual. The classes are facilitated by certified counselors.
  • Motherhood: A 26-week class that supports and prepares mothers looking for ways to help their children cope with the fears and uncertainties that are a natural part of our world and its many crisis situations. The groups are taught under two different categories: married and single mothers. The classes are facilitated by certified counselors.
  • Project Fatherhood: A 26-week class where fathers can deal with and heal unresolved issues that disrupt their relationships with their children and others. The Fatherhood Curriculum is designed to help fathers engage and support their children and simply be better fathers.
  • Strengthening Families Programs: These programs are 14-sessions, science-based parenting skills, children’s life skills, and family life skills training program specifically designed for high-risk families.
    • Effective Black Parenting: Parenting from an African-American cultural perspective.
  • The Truth about Drugs: The “Truth about Drugs Program” (TDP) is a 18-session program specifically designed to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education—before they start experimenting with drugs.

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