November 11, 2017

Re-Entry Program

Project Caring provides re-entry services

Are You an Ex-Offender Looking for Work?

We may have the solution for you! We have positions, skilled and unskilled, available through our Re-entry Program. We can also serve those without any job history. For immediate consideration, please stop by every 3rd Thursday of the month at 10 am the day.

We can help you find a job and also provide you with specialized training and career planning.

Services Include:

  • Assessment to determine job placement strengths, skills, and interest
  • Transportation & housing assistance –referrals
  • Mentoring by successful individuals
  • Other support services

Referrals for:

  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Childcare‐Transportation‐Housing‐Clothing‐Alcohol & Substance abuse counseling
  • G.E.D prep.
  • College assessment and enrollment opportunities
  • Tattoo removal

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Ex‐offenders, male or female.
  • Special program for individuals 18‐24 years old
  • Have a previous felony conviction
  • Unemployed or underemployed


Our Re-Entry Empowerment Programs:

Our Re-Entry Programs are designed to include the help of the entire community along with local government agencies, correctional agencies, businesses, and faith-based groups. By partnering with local faith-based organizations, government agencies and other entities who have agreed to help in this initiative, the returning inmates are given a high chance of succeeding in putting their lives back together. We are provided program support by the Church of God in Christ, Inc. National Prison. Programs include:


  • Pre-Release Program: helps to provide support services prior to release to assure a smooth transition and speedy placement into home, family, and employment for individuals returning from incarceration.
  • Post-Release Program: provides consistent and caring volunteer mentors to guide, support, and inspire ex-offenders to develop the attitudes and skills that will help them to become successful in their personal lives as members of their community and at work.
  • Pen Pal Ministry: volunteers write incarcerated individuals in prison or jail at least once a month.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation,
Hard work and learning from failure.” ‐ Colin Powell

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